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Heavy Duty Industrial 18 and 25 Inch Laminator "Workhorse" Replacement Parts

Heavy Duty Industrial 18 and 25 Inch Laminator "Workhorse" Replacement Parts

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HD25 Industrial Series Laminator Right and Left Housing, Cover, and Parts Views

HD25 Industrial Series Laminator Left Side Parts View

HD25 Industrial Series Laminator Right Side Gears View

HD25 Industrial Series Laminator Motor Compartment Parts Views

D105 004.4 Stop Collar - Core Chuck Style

HD25 Indusrial Series Laminator Top

HD25 Industrial Series Laminator Back Parts View

HD25 Industrial Series Laminator Bottom Heat Shoe Parts View

HD25 Industrial Series Laminator Feed Table

HD25 Industrial Series Laminator Front

HD25 Industrial Series Laminator Slitter

HD25 Industrial Series Laminator Top Heat Shoe

HD25 Industrial Series Supply Roll Mandrel Assembly

HD25 Release Liner Take-up views

HD25 Upper Fan Assembly Option

HD25 Wiring Schematic

NRTL HD25 Wire Diagram

HD25 Threading Diagram

HD25 Core Adapter Ring For 2 1/4" Mandrels For 3.0" Cores

HD25 Stand Customer Assembly

Casters - Old and New Style

Chromalox Heat Control Extraction Procedure

Chromalox 6040 Heat Control Removal

Omron Heat Relay PRR 231D

What happens when the drive motor drive working is not working.

Take off the left side panel. If there is a green light on the PC control board, check for a loose wire going to the switch. Check the 3 amp fuse mounted on board, or above. If the is no green light, check power coming to the board. If the is power going to the board, then the board is bad, replace Part number PRM 218A

Roller Spring Pressure Settings: 2 full turns after the bolt touches the spring.

** Replacement rubber roller, Part H500 040.4 It is recommended to replacement in matching pairs.

For machines starting with serial numbers HD-25-1107 and higher, select rollers, part number H500 040.4.

For machines with serial numbers HD-25-1106 or lower select roller number H500 040A.4.

For parts where price is not shown, send a e-mail for prices include part number and machine serial number.

Please include the Machine Serial Number below when ordering parts to confirm that the correct part is supplied.

**Prices subject to change without notice.**

  • Models: PRS 080, H800 060.4B, H800 060.5B, H800 060.4T, H800 060.5T, H800 040.4, PRT 316.1, PRR 221, H385 099.4, PRB 038, PRB 060, PRB 039, PRS 256, H500 052.4B, PRB 046, PRS 255, PRH 140, PRC 221, PRC 210, PRC 085, PRC 083.1, PRS 294.5, PRC 084, PRC 090, PRS 287, PRG 133.5, PRG 132, H850 054.4B, H850 053.4, H850 054.4T, 7125106, E850 207.6B, PRK 178, H850 096L, PRF 111, PRF 119, PRF-115, H500 152.4, 7125103, 7125103WOB, H385 099.4, H380 100.4, EP30 099.4L, EP30 099.4R, H500 096.4, PRF 127, PRF 137, PRG 133.5, PRG 132, PRR 231D, H850 015.4, PRH 148, PRH 1391B, PRL 199, 7125105, H850 065.4B, H500 060.4B, H500 060.4T, PRS 232, 7125104, PRB 031, H850 095.4R, H850 095.4L, PRB 046A, PRS 245A.5, PRK 171, PRK 179, H850 135.4A, PRW 336, H380 004.4, PRM 2000, PRS 260A, PRR 224, PRR 220, PRF 221, H850 098.4L, H850 098.4R, PRS 224, PRR 218, H500 205.4L, H500 205.4R, H500 040A.4, H500 040.4, HD25 H500 040.4RC, ID25 040.4, PRS 054, PRS 374, H500 074.5, H850 075.4L, H850 075.4R, H380 186.6, PRK 171, PRM 218A, PRC 306, PRC 211, PRS 257, PRS 256, H850 135.5A, H685 012.4, D105 004.4, PRK 184, H850 005.4L, H850 005.4R, E850 008.4L, E850 008.4R, H850 008.4, H500 001.5, 7125002, 7125001, PRS 222, H500 011.4, D105 022.4, PRK 172, D105 001.4, PRS 277, PRS 287, PRS 268, PRS 080, PRH 159, PRR 229, PRR 230, PRR 159Assy, PRS 256B, PRS 255B, 7225100, H500 152.4L, H500 152.4R & PRB 093

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