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Hot Roll 20 Inch Replacement Parts

Hot Roll 20 Inch Replacement Parts

Calibrating The Chromalox Heat Control On The H20 Laminator

H20 Wiring Diagram

H20 Idler Tube Assembly Instructions

H20 Right Side View

H20 Left Side View

H20 Cam Shaft Handle Coupling

Casters - Old and New Style

D105 004.4 Stop Collar - Core Chuck Style

H20 With Release Liner Take Up

H20 Replacing the Laminaitng Rolls

For parts where price is not shown, send a e-mail for prices include part number and machine serial number.

Ex-Stock Roller Service:
Shipped from our inventory of reconditioned and re-coated laminating rolls.
We requested that you return your used machines rolls.
No credit to be given on a core returned on Ex-STOCK sales as there is no charge made for it.
It is assumed the cores will be returned therefore no charge made requiring a credit on return receipt.
But repair costs would be levied if necessary.
Ship back in the same crate as your rolls where delivered and there is no cost for the crate.
If rolls/cores are not returned there will be additional charge for the core.

Please include the Machine Serial Number below when ordering parts to confirm that the correct part is supplied.

**Prices subject to change without notice.**

  • Models: PRC 083.1, PRC 084, PRC 085, PRS 008, PRF 128, PRS 286, PRS 245A.5, PRS 356, PRS 2455, PRF 127, PRB 047, PRF 129, H20 060.4, .375IAC10, H850 133.4, H20 130.4, I30 131.4, PRK 140, I30 132.4, PRC 221, PRC 210, PRH 1391A, H20 073.5, H20 074.4, PRK 142, PRL 200, PRF 111, PTF20 004.4, PRS 277, PRS 018, PL27 055.4, PL27 055.5, PRC 300S, PRH 203, H20 071.4, PRB 086A, H20 052.4, PRB 086A, H20 053.4, PRC 270, PL27 048.4, PFT20 003.4L, I30 187.4L, PRS 313, PRM 2000, PRM 218A, PRR 231D, PRS 290, PRS 062, PRS 017, PFT20 004.4, PFT20 003.4R, I30 187.4R, H20 035.4, H20 040.4, H20 044.4, PRB 085, PRS 054, H20 102.4, I30 184.4, I30 186.4, PRB 032, I30 185.4, 8330600L, 8330600R, PRK 177, PRS 245A.5, H20 073.5, D105 004.4, PRK 184, H20 009.4, H20 010.4, H20 002.5 & H20 061.4

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H20 Replacement Parts

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