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Decal Pressure-Sensitive Laminating Film, Opti Clear 5 Mil Roll

Decal Pressure-Sensitive Laminating Film, Opti Clear 5 Mil Roll

5 mil laminating film combined with pressure sensitive as a backing. Encapsulate your image and then mount it to a smooth surface. Laminate an image with a laminating film, with Pressures Sensitive on the back, remove the liner from the back to expose the adhesive and mount to smooth surface.
Prepare your prints for mounting and ship the rolled up to your customer. The mounting can be done on site reducing bulky shipping and shipping costs. Designed for the photographic industry to bond to photo emulsions. The aggressive adhesive properties of these films work well with paper packed photographs.

Fast, Easy, and Clean Mounting of Laminated Images.

Two-sided mounting film (thermal adhesive on one side; pressure-sensitive adhesive on the other) that can replace pressure-sensitive transfer adhesives for most mounting applications. Can save a great deal of time, money, and storage space. Eliminates the need to ship bulky, mounted graphics and the associated costs and damage potential that go with them. Allows the shipping or storage of mounting-ready rolled or flat graphics. It can be used for encapsulation as well as flush-cutting.

Laminate an image with the film of your choice on the front (top) of the graphic (we recommend #12 or #23 low-melt) and Decal Pressure-Sensitive on the opposite side. Remove the protective liner from the Decal Pressure-Sensitive side to expose the pressure-sensitive adhesive and stick to any clean, smooth surface.

Call for prices on thickness, widths, finishes or other finish materials not shown.

  • Models: U-3114, U-3116, U-3118, U-3120, U-3122, U-3115, U-3117, U-3119, U-3121, U-3123, U-3798, U-5600, U-5367, U-6044 & U-6021
  • Manufactured by: USI

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