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Professor 27 Inch Hot Roll Replacement Parts

Professor 27 Inch Hot Roll Replacement Parts

PL27 Pressure Carriage Pins Free Up

PLC27 Bottom Motor Cover Assembly

PL27 110V Wiring Diagram, Version 1

PL27 110V Wiring Diagram, Version 2

BC27 110V Wiring Diagram

BC27 Phonelic Spacers

PL27 Images

Changing Laminating Rolls in the Ledco Professor

Professor Heating, Temperature Issues

Changing the Heat Control Board in the LEDCO Professor

Replacing the Motor in the LEDCO Professor

EO2 on the Heat Display.
EO2 means a heater is not working.
Generally the bottom heater.
Part number PRH 120

Checking the temperature reading.
Always measure the temperature of the rolls as close to where the sensor is as possible. The sensor measure the temperature on the bottom roll about 4 inch from the right side. The heat rising from the bottom roller heats the top roller up and will give a false reading. Do not measure through the film as it will give a false reading.

To adjust the heat controls:

To raise temperature

  • Press red button once to display set point value screen
  • Press red button again to raise set point value
  • Hold red button to raise set pont value rapidly
  • Wait five seconds for actual temperature to be displayed

To lower temperature:

  • Press red button once to access set point value screen
  • Press blue button to lower set point value
  • Hold blue button to decrease set point rapidly
  • Wait five seconds for actual temperature to be displayed

To switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius:

  • Hold blue button for five seconds
  • Use red button to change from degrees F to degrees C
  • Wait five seconds for actual temperature to display

Roller Spring Pressure Settings: Professor = Tightens till screw touches the spring the 1 1/2 turns.

What causes the reading F2?
No one knows the exact cause of "F2".
It's one of those mysteries of the Universe.
A. Unplug and plug the ribbon cable back in at both ends.
B. Check the plastic nuts that hold the display.
If the nuts are too tight they cause all kinds of codes.
They need to be just finger tight so they don't twist that board.
They need to be equally tight for this reason as well.

For parts where price is not shown, send a e-mail for prices include part number and machine serial number.

If you have a Professor that the Serial Number starts with "BC" please e-mail your problem and what you need.

Ex-Stock Roller Service: 10% premium over the cost of recovering the same roller.
Shipped from our inventory of reconditioned and re-coated laminating rolls.
We requested that you return your used machines rolls.
No credit to be given on a core returned on Ex-STOCK sales as there is no charge made for it.
It is assumed the cores will be returned therefore no charge made requiring a credit on return receipt.
But repair costs would be levied if necessary.
Ship back in the same crate as your rolls where delivered and there is no cost for the crate.
If rolls/cores are not returned there will be additional charge for the core.

Please include the Machine Serial Number below when ordering parts to confirm that the correct part is supplied.

**Prices subject to change without notice.**

  • Models: PRF 128, PRF 127, PRB 085, PRK 186, PRC 083C, PRS 005, PRF 133, PRS 310, PRH 130, PRC 3000, PRF 127, PL27 055.5, PRS 311, PRH 200, PRS 326, BC27 180.4L, BC27 180.4R, PL27 042.2, PRM 300, PRM 219, PRS 2455.1B, PRC 118, PRC 117, PRS 2455, PRK 185, PL27 041.4, PL27 040.5, BC27 040.4, BC27 002.5 & PRS 005

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Professor Replacement Parts

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