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Mounting Boards with Gloss or Satin Finishes

Mounting Boards with Gloss or Satin Finishes

These boards are used for simultaneous mounting and laminating

The boards are pre-laminated on the back to minimize bowing when a graphic is mounted/laminated to the front. The fronts of the boards are coated with heat-activated adhesive and have a piece of laminating film in gloss, velvet or crystal attached.

To use-Select the board closest in size to the graphic to be mounted/laminated. Lift up the piece of laminating film, center the graphic on the board. lay the attached laminate back down over the top of the graphic. It is not necessary to use a release paper in this process as the laminate cover the whole top of the board thus protecting the laminating rollers from exposure to adhesive.

Sold in boxes of 10

  • Models: AFCB-23G-9-12, AFCB-23G-12-18, AFCB-23G-19-25, AFCB-23G-25-37, AFCB-52G-37-49, AFCB-23S-9-12, AFCB-23S-12-18, AFCB-23S-19-25, AFCB-23S-25-37 & AFCB-52S-37-49

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Mounting Boards - Gloss

Mounting Boards - Satin

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