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Signmaster 44 Inch (EHR) Replacement Parts

Signmaster 44 Inch (EHR) Replacement Parts

Left/Front Parts View

Left Side (Inside) Parts View

Rear, Left Parts View

Right, Front Parts View

Additional Signmaster Parts

Gearing PDF

110v Wiring Diagram

HRD44 Slip Ring PRS001 Replacement Assembly

Signmaster 44 Slip Ring Assembly Parts Views

Signmaster 44 Right Side Control

Signmaster 44 Right Side Control With Descriptions

Casters - Old and New Style

EHR Signmaster Sprockets

EHR44 Chain and Electrical View

EHR Signmaster Potentiometer/Function Switch

To adjust the heat controls:

To raise temperature

  • Press red button once to display set point value screen
  • Press red button again to raise set point value
  • Hold red button to raise set pont value rapidly
  • Wait five seconds for actual temperature to be displayed

To lower temperature:

  • Press red button once to access set point value screen
  • Press blue button to lower set point value
  • Hold blue button to decrease set point rapidly
  • Wait five seconds for actual temperature to be displayed

To switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius:

  • Hold blue button for five seconds
  • Use red button to change from degrees F to degrees C
  • Wait five seconds for actual temperature to display

Spring Tension Lower the roll(unlocked) tighten until bolt touches spring, then 1 ½ turns.Spring pressure adjustments are done with the rolls down, but not in the locked position.

For parts where price is not shown, send a e-mail for prices include part number and machine serial number.

Ex-Stock Roller Service:
Shipped from our inventory of reconditioned and re-coated laminating rolls.
Bill as a new roller, credit back when the customers used machines rolls are returned.
It is assumed the cores will be returned are usable and re-coat able.
Repair costs would be levied if necessary.
Ship back in the same crate as your rolls where delivered and there is no cost for the crate.
If rolls/cores are not returned there will no credit issued.

Please include the Machine Serial Number below when ordering parts to confirm that the correct part is supplied.

**Prices subject to change without notice.**

  • Models: PRC 083.1, PRC 084, PRS 249, PRS 249A.5, PRB 047, PRS 255A, PRS 258A, PRS 258C, EHR44 003.4B, PRB 087A, HRD44 200.5, PRC 221, PRC 210, E850 207.6B, PRK 178, PRS 280, PRC 115, PRS 048, PRS 277, PRF 128, PRF 147, PRF 148, PRH 181, PRH 180, PRH 130, PRS 017, PRC 212S, E850 207.4B, PRS 223, CD05C, H380 004.4, PRS 313, EP30 009.4, PRS 001A, EHR44 300.5, PRM1000, PRM 218D, PRR 150, PRS 290, PRL 184, PRS 351, PRS 352, EHR44 035.4, EHR44 040.4, EHR44 044.4, EHR44 040.4C, PRB087A, EHR 44 003.4B, PRS 374, PRS 054, PRS001A, XL44 024.4, XL44 022.4A, EHR44 049.4A, EHR44 195.5, EP30 186.4, EHR44 195.5s, SPF EHR44, PRC 0306, EHR44 056.4, EHR44 002.5, EHR44 108.5, PRB 013, EHR44 096.5, EHR44 108.4, PRK 178, RHR44 042.4TA, PFT44 010.4, PFT44 006.4L & PFT44 006.4R

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Signmaster 44 Parts

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