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Ledco Educator Laminator, 25"

Ledco Educator Laminator, 25"

A 25 inch School Laminator that's reliable, easy to use, provides you with value and low maintenance. Acclaimed by media specialists, the Educator offers reset pressure and speed, enclosed laminating and pull rollers, and forced air cooling. Includes instructional video and 2 year factory warranty.

Ledco is known for making machines which are very reliable, easy to use, and inexpensive to maintain.
These units maintain that reputation.

Warranty: Two-year factory warranty

Certified UL, cUL, NRTL and CE approved for use in USA and Canada.

Designed by Teachers

  • Teachers and media specialists were asked what they wanted to see in a laminator ... and they told us! And that got designed into the Educator!
  • We started with the Graphic III and Premier III machines that so many schools have learned to know and trust for their laminating quality and trouble-free operation. Then we simplified the controls and created an improved film path to eliminate many of the operator errors common to thermal laminators.
  • Posters, dry erase charts, flash cards, bulletin board graphics, games, visuals and teaching aids of all kinds represent a tremendous investment, whether they were purchased, or made by teachers. Protecting and enhancing these educational materials with lamination allows them to last for years instead of being replaced every few weeks or months.
  • The Educator offers the control needed to laminate different types of materials using different films with a minimum of operator adjustments.

Features that Make a Difference

Features that contribute to the quality of lamination and dependability of the Educator include:
  • Preset lamination pressure and speed. Makes the machine easier to use and eliminates many possible sources of problems.
  • Enclosed laminating and pull rollers. Helps you avoid time-consuming jams and wrap-arounds.
  • Forced air cooling. Allows laminating with 3 and 5-mil films, as well as the 1.5 mil film often used by schools. Without a film cooling system, thicker films will warp and ripple because they are still hot and partly melted when they come out of the laminator.
  • Fixed-position lamination rollers. Provides a stable platform for uniform roll pressure which provides the highest quality lamination available in a school laminator.
  • Attached safety shield. The safety shield is fixed to the machine and is placed so that the operator will naturally put it in the guard position before laminating. The shield is made of clear polycarbonate so users can see their work and will not be tempted to try to laminate without the shield in its safe position.

  • Reverse switch. Can be essential at times to help avoid problems or clear miss feeds.
  • Adjustable heat control. If you have used a kitchen oven, you'll feel comfortable with our heat control dial. It allows you to use films up to 5 mil.
  • Supply roll tension knobs. Gives you the control you need to produce wrinkle-free lamination without complicating your work.

  • Separate safety cutter. Provides a safe means of cutting work off the back of the machine and eliminates the usual tear bar which may cut fingers or snag clothing.
  • Slitter option. The Educator is the only school laminator with a safety-designed slitter option to reduce trimming time on same-size pieces, enabling higher volumes of work.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. means quality, better service, and faster parts availability.

Preserve and Protect . . .

The Educator is a roll laminator designed and manufactured exclusively for schools. You can preserve and protect:

Teaching Aids ID Cards/Badges Art Work
Flash Cards Visuals Awards
Games Photographs Recipes
Memorabilia Book Jackets Place Mats
Luggage Tags Licenses Reports
Bookmarks Signs Maps
Presentations Posters Charts
Menus Name Tags Certificates
Price Lists Sales Aids POP Displays
Instructional Material Safety Warnings Membership Cards
News Clippings Public Notices Promotional Items
Dry Erase Charts Spec Sheets Flyers


Laminating Width Up to 25"
Max. Film Gauge, Per Side 5 mils
Max. Laminating Thickness 1/8"
Max. Film Roll Diameter 5.5"
Max. Film Capacity
with 1.5 mil
with 3 mil

500 feet
250 feet
Laminating Roll Diameter 1 1/4"
Film Core Size 1"
Speed: Fixed 4 feet per minute
Electrical: 110 V, (220 V optional)
1500 watts, 15 amps
Dimensions: 32"L x 11"H x 14"D
Shipping Dimensions 35"L x 18"W x 16"H
Weight / Shipping Weight: 83 lbs.
  • Footage counter: Reset device accurately measures film usage, also available in metric.
  • Slitter assembly: Will trim side scrap from your work with a high degree of precision, provided feeding is aligned and consistent. Includes two cutting heads with blades fully retractable for safety.
  • Dust cover: Helps keep the machine clean while not in use, making an inexpensive contribution to good preventative maintenance.
  • Right-side feed guide: For those who want greater feed precision.

Educator Operation Manual

Click for Educator Replacement Parts

Full range of laminating films shown on this page

25 Inch 110 Volt UL Cert. (9025100D)
25 Inch 220 Volt TUV Cert. (9025200TU)
Right Side Feed Guide Assembly (9125000R)
Left Side Feed Guide Assembly (9125000L)
Slitter Assembly (3500 131.5)
Roll Feed Kit (4125100)
Footage Counter (0500 146.5)
Machine Cover (XS32)
Laminator Workcenter (TG-LAM)

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  • Manufactured by: Ledco Inc.

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