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Lamination Film Types Defined

Narrow Format, 2-Sided, Thermal Films

Lo-Melt: Designed to finish heat sensitive media like Ink Jet and Photographic

  • Polyester with a lower melt EVA adhesive
  • Operating temp: 180-200 degrees

Nap Lam I (School Film): Good for laminating porous paper stocks like regular bond.

  • Polyester substrate with a Homo-polymer (PE) polyethylene adhesive.
  • Temperature range: 290 to 320 degrees F

Nap Lam II: Used for coated stock, heavy ink coverage, and older documents.

  • Polyester substrate with a Co-polymer (EVA) Ethylene Vinyl Acetate adhesive.
  • Temperature range: 230-250 degrees F

Narrow Format, 1-Sided, Thermal Films

Octiva Polyester (PET): Tough and durable

Octiva OPP: Reliable, vivid finish at a cost effective price

Octiva Lay-Flat (NYLON): Output resists curling and minimizes scratches from stacking and rubbing

Digital Print Finishing Wide Format Laminating Films

Octiva Gloss: Perfect for store displays or promotional signage where indirect lighting will prevail
  • High gloss polyester films are
Octiva Lustre: Applications include point-of-purchase displays, indoor signage or brightly lit areas.
  • A semi-gloss (satin finish) film using a filled polyester substrate.
  • Octiva Lustre is the most color-correct film on the market.

Octiva Matte: A matte finish offers a crystal-sharp image with virtually no reflection when used on products displayed in direct light. Excellent for trade show displays, window signs, and more.

Octiva Write Erase: A gloss film designed to be written on with dry erase markers and wiped clean. Applications include teaching aids, presentations, schedules, meetings, litigation graphics, etc.

Octiva Matte Hardcoat: Used where there is a high degree of wear. Matte finish diminishes reflection from direct lighting applications.

  • Hard coated matte polyester substrate with scuff resistant properties.

Octiva Lo-Melt Gloss: These high gloss films offer a brilliant, clear finish that enhances the image. Ideally suited for signage in indirect lighting.

Octiva Lo-Melt Lustre: Applications include indoor graphics, presentation graphics, posters, and POP displays.

  • A semi-gloss film using a polyester substrate.

Octiva Lo-Melt Matte: Non-reflective finish to reduce glare. Excellent for trade show graphics and other applications in brightly lit conditions.

Octiva Lo-Melt Lustre Hardcoat: Best used where there is a high degree of wear.

  • A hard coated polyester substrate with scuff-resistant properties
  • The lustre finish enhances the graphic image while providing minimal reflection.

Octiva Lo-Melt Matte Hardcoat: Used where there is a high degree of wear.

  • Hard coated polyester substrate with scuff resistant properties.
  • Matte finish diminishes reflection from direct lighting.

Octiva Lo-Melt Textured Satin: A semi-matte finish with a crystalline surface for deflecting light and minimizing glare. Excellent for brightly lit applications such as trade show graphics or in-store signage.

Octiva Lo-Melt Canvas: Ideal for portraits and art reproductions. Also provides an artistic flair to retail signage and photographs.

  • Vinyl simulates the textured surface of canvas while also providing UV protection.

Octiva Lo-Melt Emboss 50: A heat-activated vinyl over-laminate with a release liner provides a crystallized finish for use on mouse pads and trade show graphics.

Octiva Heat Set: Bonds extremely well to inkjet output. Applications include textured images (canvas), photographic images and other images requiring a flexible film.

  • Heat assisted vinyl over-laminate with a release liner. Available in both a gloss and lustre finish.

Octiva Lo-Melt White: These backing films use a white adhesive to provide an extra degree of opacity for thinner printed materials such as electrostatic images. Ideal for creating backlit displays.

Octiva Lo-Melt Light Barrier: The multi-layer, metalized polyester construction of this film ensures maximum opacity. This extra degree of opacity is ideal for creating trade show and portable displays.

AccuSheild: Ideal for protecting vinyl media used for indoor applications

  • An ultra thin coating that can be applied to graphics. The thin coating provides a flexible, scratch and water resistant protective coating to optimize the life of a graphic.
  • Heat activated product requiring 250° F to 290° F temperature

GBC Line of Pressure Sensitive Films

Arctic Photo: High-gloss color-enriching film designed for inkjet and photographic prints.

  • UV protection.
  • Polyester, 2 mil

Arctic Gloss: Glossy, crystal-clear, high quality, color enriching finish.

  • Moisture and UV-resistant.
  • Vinyl, 3 mil

Arctic Lustre: Semi-gloss finish protective over-laminate that minimizes reflective glare without sacrificing image sharpness.

  • UV protection.
  • Vinyl, 3 mil.

Arctic Matte: Non-reflective over-laminate that minimizes reflective glare without sacrificing image sharpness.

  • UV protection.
  • Vinyl, 3 mil.

NEW-Arctic Light Gloss,Lustre & Matte: same as above without UV protection. Price fighter!

Arctic UV Cast Gloss: Tough, glossy over-laminate with aggressive adhesive and UV protection.
  • Resists shrinkage.
  • Cast vinyl
  • 3 mil.

Arctic UV Cast Sand: Tough, textured over-laminate with aggressive adhesive and UV protection.

  • Resists shrinkage.
  • Cast vinyl
  • 3 mil.

Arctic Floor Mat: Durable, scratch-resistant and UL rated slip-resistant film for long lasting graphic protection.

  • Vinyl
  • 7 mil

Arctic Graffiti: Washable. Stands up to many detergents and solvents.

  • Excellent UV protection.
  • Polyvinyl fluoride, 1 mil.
  • Extremely durable film made with DuPont Tedlar®.

Arctic Polycarbonate: Tough, durable, non-reflective film.

  • Polycarbonate
  • 5mil

Textured Satin: Excellent light deflecting film for brightly lit applications.

  • Semi-matte finish with crystalline surface
  • Polyester
  • 3 and 8 mil.

Light Barrier: Multi-layer, metalized opaque film for maximum opacity.

  • Polyester
  • 5 and 10 mil

Arctic Mount Adhesives

Arctic Premium Mount: Forms a superior bond when mounting to smooth plastic surfaces such as Sintra®, PVC, Plexiglas® and Ultra board.

  • This mounting film is constructed using a thin carrier film coated on both sides with a highly aggressive acrylic-based adhesive.

Arctic White Mount: This adhesive brightens and enhances your images and makes an excellent choice for mounting graphics to dark or colored substrates.

  • A pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive that has a white polyester carrier for added opacity.

Arctic Dura Mount: This economical pressure-sensitive mounting film is a polyester substrate coated on both sides with acrylic-based adhesive. An economical adhesive that bonds well to porous, non-plastic surfaces.

NEW -Arctic Premium Vue Thru: Designed for face mounting images to Plexiglas® and other similar materials used in backlit applications.

  • Two-sided, optically clear adhesive.

Arctic Removable: White Designed for indoor and outdoor applications where removability is needed, such as floor graphics and wall displays.

  • Vinyl carrier coated with a removable adhesive on one side and a permanent adhesive on the other.

Mounting Boards and Kraft Paper

Standard-Uncoated Boards: Lightweight, extruded polystyrene foam board with 12pt. Clay-coated paper board surface liner.

  • Plain, uncoated, used with decaled prints or mounting film
  • 3/16" white or black – 25/box
  • Used with a decal or can be pretreated with a mounting film.

Pressure Sensitive Boards: High-density polystyrene foamboard with clay-coated paperboard surface liner

  • Adhesive and liner on the board; already sticky.
  • Designed for mounting artwork, photos, displays; can be used for one-pass mounting and over-laminating of heat-sensitive prints.
  • 3/16" White polystyrene w/white warp resistant surface. – 25/box

Thermal Board: An extruded polystyrene foam core; one side coated with a heat-activated adhesive.

  • Enhanced foam resists dents and provides exceptional durability.
  • Used with heat for Mounting and Laminating at the same time.
  • 3/16" white – 25/box

Kraft Paper: Used as bottom roll instead of film for one sided applications and pre-treating boards.

  • Protects rollers from adhesive.
  • Brown paper; machine glazed.
  • Available in 38,43,51,55 & 61" x 450ft rolls

Inkjet Media Products

SurePrint Photobase Gloss: High-gloss finish provides maximum color 'pop'.

  • Paper based

SurePrint Photobase Satin: Rich look and feel minimizes glare.

  • Paper based

SurePrint Ultra Dry Matte: Cost-effective solution for laminated graphics.

  • Paper based

SurePrint White Polyester: Polyester-based media for high-definition display graphics.

SurePrint Ultra Dry White Polyester Light Barrier: Light blocking, polyester-based media with an inkjet receptive coating for high-definition display graphics.

SurePrint Translucent Polyester: SurePrint Translucent Polyester incorporates a UV and water resistant inkjet coating to provide the perfect diffusing media for indoor and outdoor backlit displays.

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