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Comparing the Educator and Premier 4 Laminators

Both laminators are built on the same frame, heat in the same manner and accomplish the same easy job of laminating.

The Educator was built to provide simple controls easy one step operation.

The Premier 4 with additional on/off controls and varying speed motor control is an entry-level laminator for schools, churches, offices copy shops and commercial printers requiring flexibility of operation.

  Educator Premier 4
Laminating Width 25 inch 25 inch
Speed Fixed @ 6 ft /minute Variable 0-10 ft/minute
Maximum Film Gauge 5 mil 10 mils
Maximum Laminating Thickness 1/8 inch 1/8 inch
Controls Cooling fan and drive controlled with single switch. Independent controls for heater, drive and cooling fan.
Heating, Thermostat Controls Dial indicator Digital temperature display
Motor Controls Forward and Reverse to help avoid problems or clear miss feeds. Forward and Reverse to help avoid problems or clear miss feeds.
Laminating Rollers Fixed position The upper heat shoe swings away for cleaning
Laminating Pressure: Spring loaded and preset to ensure correct and even pressure. Spring loaded, non opening Spring loaded, with knob for opening to remove miss feed material.
Pressure Release Control Not available Makes it easier to clear film and allows the roller to turn during warm-up
Inline Slitter Option available In-line slitter to trim laminate to width
Warranty 2 years 2 years

Both machines will laminate teaching aids, posters, art work, flash cards, games, photographs, book jackets, charts, certificates, instructional materials, news clippings, signs, maps, flyers and Dry Erase Charts.

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